A few interesting facts about the fantastic Bollywood box office collection

Bright emotions, incendiary dances, touching songs, and colorful outfits — all these can be listed by lovers of Bollywood as many reasons why they treat Indian cinema with such trepidation.

For viewers from different parts of the world, watching such films is an opportunity to immerse themselves in the mysterious culture of India for a few hours and get to know the locals. If you are going to travel to this country, do not miss the opportunity to watch the shooting process and act as an extra. Now we will tell you how to do this.

What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is a special word for anyone who is interested in Bollywood box office collection. This is the name of the film industry of Bombay, and today renamed the city of Mumbai, which is compared to Hollywood all over the world.

The first mention of this word dates back to the 70s, but the term gained popularity only in the mid-1990s. Every year, more than a thousand films are released on the big screens in India, every fifth of which is shot in Hindi in Bollywood. Filming also takes place in other parts of the country, such as:

 • films in the Telugu language are released in Tollywood,

 • films in the Tamil language are released in Kollywood.

 Bollywood and the South have become the hallmark of India’s film industry. Colorful films continue to gain popularity in other countries, bringing their creators more than twenty billion dollars annually.

History of Indian cinema

The first full-length film was released in India at the beginning of the last century, that is in 1913. Then a black-and-white film “Raja Harishchander” was presented to the audience. This was the story of a wise ruler who never deceived others attracted the attention of millions of viewers. In addition to the script and acting, an erotic scene was actively discussed: the director added footage of the ruler’s wife bathing to the picture. The girl is depicted together with the maids in wet saris, which looked provocative on the actresses. Such scenes are considered piquant even today in India, so it is not difficult to imagine the reaction of the audience 100 years ago. The film caused a real stir, the film premiere became one of the most discussed events of those years.

By 1930, at least 200 films were being released in India per year. The first voiced picture was the film “Alam Ara”(which translates as” Light of the world”), directed by the famous Ardeshir Irani. After success at the box office, a massive transition to sound cinema began. It is noteworthy that the name of the same director is associated with another breakthrough in a new art form. Ardeshir Irani made the first color film in Hindi. The painting was called “Kisan Kanya”. However, full-color tapes became popular only closer to the 50s. The main genre was melodrama.

The golden age of Indian cinema is considered to be the period from the 40s to the 60s. A number of films that are considered classics of the genre today are released on screens. Among these is “Mother India” by Mehboob Khan. This film was even nominated for an Oscar as the best foreign-language film. The work of local directors is highly appreciated by film critics from different countries. The pictures “Paper flowers” and” Thirst” by Guru Dutt were included in the list of the hundred most outstanding Bollywood movies ever released. The rating was compiled by “Sight and Sound” and “Time” journalists. The creator of the pictures was recognized as one of the greatest directors of all time.

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