Iconic Indian latest Hindi movies directors

In the cinema of India, many films repeat the same story about the pipe dreams of justice. However, like any other country, India had several directors who managed to make their ingenious ideas a reality.

With their works, they have revolutionized the latest Hindi movies production. Their groundbreaking films opened the new famous actors to the world and glorified Indian cinema.

Raj Kapoor

He had the fortune to be born into a family of the first Indian filmmakers. Since childhood, Raj acted as a helper, due to which he was able to learn many things. In bohemian circles of filmmakers, he was given the naive nickname “showman”. Raj was a great actor and director. He shot his first film at a young age of 26. The movie was called “Aag”.
Due to the subtle sense of public audience, Raj Kapoor gave people what they wanted. His masterpieces always gathered full halls and a huge box office.

He directed such famous films as “Awaara”, “Shree 420” and “Barsaat”.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee

His name is known to every connoisseur of Indian cinema. His works are “Bawarchi”, “Abhimaan” and “Gol Maal”. He also directed “Mili” and “Namak Haraam”.

These films not only fascinated the viewers from around the world but also discovered many starts. All his movies were devoted to the middle-class people.

Bimal Roy

His films won the award of the famous Cannes Film Festival, as well as many national awards and international prizes. The talent of this director consisted in:

· the ability to mix clear realism

· spirituality of art.

His films always raised social issues. One can see the love for Italian neorealist films in his movies.

The strong semantic load of his films was supported by the spiritualized music and powerful cast.

Subhash Ghai

This talented director was able to masterfully paint majestic and pompous scenes that the spectators liked so much. Subhash Ghai was a real showman, who knew exactly what and how to present to his audience to cause another enthusiastic exclamation.

He directed such movies as “Karz”, “Karma”, “Hero”, “Taal” and “Ek Villain”.

Mahesh Bhatt

He always used a hint of realism in his movies. Being not only a daring and influential director but also a person with a subtle sense of aesthetics, he tried his hand at different genre directions. He directed thrillers, melodramas, comedies, and dramas and had enormous success in each of these directions.

He shot such movies as “Aashiqui”, “Raaz”, “Gaddaar”, “Saaya” and many others.

Manmohan Desai

Manmohan appeared on the horizon in times of stagnant crisis for Bollywood box office collection. He reoriented the topics of films and directed the cute family scenes. Spectators liked it. Thousands of people cried and laughed, watching his melodramas.

Yash Chopra

He was rightfully called “maestro”. The genius director literally wove his films from magic. Love stories disclosed in his films will hardly leave anyone indifferent. He directed many beautiful movies, for example, “Chandni”, starring Sridevi Kapoor.

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