Indian films box office report – what is their phenomenon?

Have you ever wondered what the phenomenon of Bollywood is? No, it is not a huge number of films released per year (Bollywood releases three times more movies than American Hollywood). Indian films are different from their counterparts in the incredible combination of beauty and kindness.

Of course, merry songs and dances also attract the audience, but the actors from all over the world can dance and sing. However, no one compares to such dazzling actors as Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan, and Raj Kapoor– they have long conquered the hearts of millions of viewers and keep pleasing us with the new roles.

Twisted plots, masterfully set episodes, attractive Indian actors, and bright dances – all this attracts the audience. Every Bollywood film always reveals something more than just a plot: kindness, spontaneity, devotion, and romance. When watching an Indian movie, you forget that this is a movie and become a part of the plot and feel the taste of Indian life.

However, we can talk about the pleasures of Bollywood films forever. It is better to see box office report with your own eyes at least once instead of listening to the stories.

Indian cinema conquers the world

India releases over a thousand films every year. This is three times more than in Hollywood and several times more than in any other country. The annual turnover of the Indian film industry exceeds one and a half billion American dollars.

Every Indian film combines emotional tension, merry songs, and an amazing mix of colors – all this merges together on screen so that the viewers can’t take their eyes off it.

Often, the plots of Indian films are not very difficult, maybe even naive, but this doesn’t stop Indian films from conquering more and more hearts of the audience. Every year, an increasing number of people develop a sense of respect and interest in Indian cinema, but only a few years ago, no one could have imagined that it would be possible to watch Indian films online at any time, rather than expecting a movie to be shown on TV or asking the neighbors for a videotape.

Almost all works of Bollywood are available online. You don’t have to give each other well-worn discs with a poor recording or learn the TV Guide for one month forward – you can watch any Bollywood film with comfort at any time and in any place. No poor sound or video – all movies are available in perfect quality.

Mostly, Bollywood tells us about Earth’s values –vendetta and unstoppable love, incredible melancholy, and joy. This art is imbued with philosophical notes, which help us look at the world in a new way. It makes no sense to search for subtext in such films– they teach us to be ourselves, be simpler, and not to look at the world around through the mask.

The benefits of Indian cinema

Each viewing of 2019 Bollywood movies not only gives us joy and pleasure but also teaches us. We, spectators, are so far from the world of oriental sages and mystics – everything related to them seems unusual and incredible.

Indian films teach us to:

· express our feelings, 

· enjoy their depth, 

· love your life

· be easy. 

Each viewing make us wiser, while we just enjoy another masterpiece of Bollywood. Herein lies the magic of the Indian cinema.

After watching the Indian cinema at least once, it’s impossible to stop. Good always wins in these films; they are simple and clear, but at the same very attractive. The charm of Indian films conquers millions of people around the world, and with good reason.

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