Interesting facts from the history of box office collection Indian

Indian cinema is known worldwide. It can even be judged by the existence of a synonym for American Hollywood – Indian Bollywood. And indeed, India takes the lead in the number of films made per year.

Interesting facts from the history of Bollywood

No matter you’ve watched Indian movies or not, the fact that the Indian movie industry is widely known is still spot on. Has anyone ever seen an excerpt from a movie like this? Whether you like them or not, there is no doubt that these films surprise you with their sensations, emotions, and songs. In each manifestation of the film, you can feel the world of the unusual country of India.


Indian cinema is characterized by a template plot, which means the behavior of the characters is almost always stereotypical and is not unexpected (usually it is a hero who actively fights evil, and, of course, defeats it). But, despite this, the films impress us with their sincerity and music. And it’s true that every movie in box office collection is mostly based on music, songs, vocals, and dance. Even movie soundtracks are often released before the premiere, which is quite unusual for us.


This is an essential component of any Indian film. And the more fights, the better! There is no blood and violence, but you can find online amateur videos on the topic “five best fights in Indian cinema”. Watching them is hilarious because the power of the main character is so overrated that their blow pushes the enemy 50 meters away. The Indian heroes know no boundaries and can overcome anything.

Interesting facts

• The name Bollywood comes from the addition of the words Hollywood and Bombay.

• Indian films in the modern sense are musicals as all of them include music. Indian audiences expect this from cinema-songs, dresses, dances, and a love story with a happy ending.

• Basically, there are three types of dance in films – classical, historical, and folk dance. Recently, the main characters perform together with other dancers, probably as support.

• The timing of Indian films is surprising: the duration is generally three hours or at least less than 2.5 hours. It seems Indians simply do not know how to make them shorter

• According to various sources, the number of Bollywood films is close to 1000 films a year (Hollywood makes only 400; however, the difference in the box office is significant).

• Think about the well-known film “Seeta Aur Geeta”. Perhaps this is the name that will come to mind for each of us when we mention the Indian cinema. It is slightly different from the rest of the Bollywood box office films in that there is less dialogue and more humoristic elements and dancing.

• 4 hours and 25 minutes is the length of the longest Indian film, LOC: Kargil.

• But the movie “Unprotected Bride” broke all records for the duration of the show in movie theatres: as much as 700 weeks.

• 1990 saw a record for the number of films per year – 948 films.

• Satyajit Ray, a well-known director, has received 34 international awards in the field of the film industry, which is certainly a record.

• Longest film production: the shooting of “Love and God” continued for 20 years.

• In 1929, the audience first saw a kiss on the screen. Immediately, the ban was introduced, which was lifted only after more than 50 years in 1983.

Naturally, films are successful and not very successful; and with such an active release of films, it is difficult to identify the worst film. This, however, is possible. Kadeddulu Ekaram Nela, which was in release only one day. The record was set in 1960 and has not yet been broken.

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