Docu-fiction | 15min | Digital | 16:9 | 2016

A documentary portrait of a man, with ascetic origins, who has been radically transformed by city life.

Sometimes to get at the truth, you have to look eye to eye with the camera. But the winner of this years EMAF award shows that looking the camera in the eye and speaking directly can make the truth more complicated and difficult to face. For one thing, is the main character a real life subject or an actor? Is the director revealing reality or refabricating it? Or is there even a difference in these distinctions? This film bravely explores this grey zone in a way that isn’t gimmicky or overly self-reflexive, but open, smart and straightforward, dealing with the deceptive layers of both moving image media and social media. Energetic and curious, this work vividly addresses contemporary life in India. We are grateful to have the opportunity to view this brave work here, and hope to see more from its young and promising maker.” Jury of the EMAF Award: Nadine Bors, Kevin B. Lee and Jasmina Metwaly

On the other hand – still exploring fiction – in Sadhu in Bombay, the contamination of the documentary is more expressive and generates an ambiguous character between the film and the truth. The director Kabir Mehta brings closer the creation of a character and the construction of a narrative film that are exposed in its manufacture, skirting the limits and the power of the genre. The feedback given by this combination is controversial and collaborates with the issues that the film explores in the Indian universe.Gustavo Jardim (Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival)